Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Art Shows

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At Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery we believe that excellent and tasteful aesthetics are a way of life. We designed our center to be elegant, light, and welcoming. We use stone, bamboo, glass, marble, steel, and the overall layout to create a pleasing environment. Our permanent art collection features three original Andy Warhol pieces and many other fine pieces of art.

We seek to create good aesthetics with our plastic surgery procedures and other treatments, just as we have tried to do in designing our office. We also hope that our patients will use their procedures as a springboard to feeling better about themselves, so they can enhance their overall lifestyle and enjoy the finer things in life.

Along this vein, we are pleased to provide periodic art shows to highlight emerging artists in the Los Angeles and Southern California areas. Our art shows are a way of enjoying fine art in an elegant setting. They are part of our ongoing efforts to create and enjoy beauty. We invite our patients to these events, as well as our neighbors from Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills, and local dignitaries. They are a chance for us to explore new trends in art and better understand what sorts of forms, images, and textures create pleasure and tranquility.


For more information about the Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Art Shows at our Los Angeles plastic surgery center, please contact us. If you have suggestions for artists to feature in our upcoming art show events, please let us know.