Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery’s Back to the Gym Program™

Back to the gymMany of our patients lead active lifestyles. Some people have told us of their concern that having plastic surgery will keep them from working out and going to the gym for many weeks and months following their procedure. That’s why we’ve developed our Back to the Gym Program™.
By working closely with you, we often can get you back to exercising shortly after surgery – while maintaining your safety and assuring that you stay on course to have the best possible result from your procedure.

Our Back to the Gym Program™ involves several steps:

  • During your plastic surgery consultation, we review your medical history. If there is a medical reason or indication, we arrange for you to be evaluated by a primary care physician or, if indicated, by a specialist. We review your standard exercise regimen with you in detail.
  • Once we decide which cosmetic surgery procedure you will be having, we begin planning what sorts of exercises are safe for you and when you might begin them.
  • Depending on the procedure you undergo, we arrange for you to obtain specialized garments to protect the areas of your body we worked on.
  • During and after your surgery, we implement our Minimal Pain Program$trade;, which helps you feel less discomfort following your procedure so you can return to normal light activities more quickly.
  • We see you several days after your surgery, before you begin to work out. During this visit, we confirm that your recovery is going as expected.
  • We then discuss very specifically what sorts of exercises you can begin doing and when. We tell you warning signs to watch out for, and should make you slow down your activities. We arrange for your plastic surgeon to speak with your personal trainer, if you use one. If you’d like, we have trainers we work with and we can arrange for you to exercise with these professionals after your surgery.
  • We maintain close contact with you, both by phone and frequent office visits, to make certain that your physical activities continue to go smoothly without slowing your overall recovery.

There will of course be limitations to the types and intensity of exercises you can do and when you can start doing them. And if you experience any warning signs of overexertion you must stop what you are doing immediately. Our Back to the Gym Program@trade; requires good communication and frequent visits to our office. But we find this extra effort on our part and yours improves the overall plastic surgery experience for many of our patients.