Breast Augmentation Information Center

Before and afterAt Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, we do a large number of breast augmentation procedures, also known as breast implants and breast enhancement. However, we find that the procedure can be somewhat confusing to our patients. There are different types of implants, different incisions that can be used, different anatomic locations where the implants can be placed.

We want our patients to make informed decisions. To that end, we are pleased to present our Breast Augmentation Information Center. We have compiled a great deal of information all in one place. The information is detailed and comprehensive. Silicone gel implants recently received FDA approval for usage in both reconstructive and cosmetic breast surgery, so you will find much of the information here especially topical. You can read about the types of breast implants available, the breast augmentation procedure itself, safety and warranty issues, silicone implant issues including their history and description, places where you can get more information, view before and after breast augmentation photos, and more. We hope that this information proves useful as you consider breast augmentation.

Below is a list of the topics within our Breast Augmentation Information Center. Please click on the link describing each topic below to read more detail.

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