Ethnic Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills

Before and afterAt Rodeo Drive plastic surgery, we specialize in ethnic plastic surgery. We have many patients who are Hispanic, African American, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Native American. In fact, more than half of our patients are non-caucasian. Because we do so many procedures for members of different ethnic groups, we have developed a systematic approach to ethnic plastic surgery.

Our method for providing ethnic plastic surgery stresses several elements:

People of different ethnic backgrounds often have unique features and bone and body structures. We try to provide overall balance to your face and body. This means close attention to ethnic features so the results of surgery bring good harmony to your appearance. Modern plastic surgery is not about erasing ethnic features and our approach works to enhance appearance without minimizing your identity.

As an example, people of different ethnic backgrounds tend to have distinct structures to their noses. The flatter noses common in many ethnic people can be addressed by grafting cartilage from elsewhere in the body to more finely shape the skin at the tip of the nose, and provide it with a refined appearance. When we do this sort of ethnic rhinoplasty we strive to improve appearance without changing the overall appearance of the face.

People with darker skin tend to have more noticeable scarring. This can be very important in ethnic plastic surgery. We use special approaches to our wound closure in procedures for ethnic patients to avoid unsightly scarring and to preserve even skin tone. This includes fewer stitches near the surface of the wound so as not to create scarring in this type of skin, and aggressive wound management following your surgery to minimize the development of thick and raised scars. These steps are part of our Scar Reduction Program here at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery. Whenever possible, we try extra hard to hide the scars created by surgery – such as with our Silent Scar for breast augmentation technique.

People of various ethnic backgrounds show different signs of aging than do caucasians. We work to address the underlying issues of aging given your background and skin type, instead of using “cookie cutter” techniques. For example, many non-while people have skin that is thicker and less prone to wrinkling. Signs of aging tend to be sagging rather than the crinkled look found in Northern Europeans. We address these underlying issues when we perform our ethnic plastic surgery.

People who seek ethnic plastic surgery often seek certain procedures with great frequency. This often includes rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, breast surgery (augmentation, lifts, and reductions) and liposuction. We perform a great deal of liposuction on African American and Latino men, for example. And more than half of our patients for the Rodeo Drive Mommy Makeover™ are Hispanic, Asian, Native American, and African American women.

ConsultationLastly, we get to know you and your goals for plastic surgery as we do our planning for the procedure. Some people seek plastic surgery to look younger or fresher. Others want to soften a specific part of their appearance that they do not like. People also seek cosmetic surgery because their body has simply changed with time, having babies, or weight loss, or from adding on some weight. When you meet with us for your plastic surgery consultation, we will work hard to understand your goals for cosmetic surgery. We use this information along with our knowledge of ethnic facial and body features to come up with a plan best suited to meeting your goals.

To learn more about ethnic plastic surgery in Los Angeles, or plastic surgery for Hispanics, please contact us.