August 2004

Look Good, Feel Good

By Matt Fitzgerald

  1. Take ten years off your face
  2. Feel ten years younger
  3. Perfect your smile
  4. Fix your skin
  5. Fine-tune your shape

If substantial weight loss has left you with a lot of loose skin, or if you’ve been pregnant, an abdominoplasty (i.e. tummy tuck) might be in order. “We’re doing a lot more tummy tucks these days, especially in women who have recently given birth,” says Lloyd Krieger, MD, of Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery ( “They want the tight, contoured body they had before pregnancy.” Krieger notes that new techniques in reconstructing the navel allow tummy tucks to produce more natural-looking results than in the past.

  1. Kick a bad habit
  2. Treat your feet
  3. Heal Faster
  4. Enjoy a good pampering
  5. Get a fashion makeover

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