The Nip and Tuck Store

Rodeo Drive’s new claim to fame: the only place where you can get a pair of designer jeans and a new nose the same afternoon.

Located steps from Chanel and Hugo Boss, Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery makes getting a facelift almost as easy as buying a sweater. At least that’s the goal of creator Lloyd Krieger, ’89, who endorses the concept of “retail surgery.”

The 5,000-square-foot facility, which opened in August, is designed to combine the convenience of storefront shopping with Beverly Hills luxury, what Krieger terms the “Four Seasons treatment.” The center features posh exam rooms, bamboo floors and marble countertops. However, ordering a tummy tuck isn’t quite as easy as pointing to an item on a shelf-patients usually have two consultations.

“Because cosmetic surgery is elective, people are looking for a first-class experience,” says Kreiger, who attended medical school at the University of Chicago. “More people are interested in having plastic surgery these days. We are looking to provide an obtainable luxury.”

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