Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Unique Patient Programs

At Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, we believe that plastic surgery should be a smooth process – before, during, and after your actual procedure. In order to make this happen, we have created a series of unique patient programs. Each of these programs works to make the overall process of plastic surgery easy, so you can enjoy your result with minimal discomfort and downtime. Some of them focus on the unique needs of certain groups of patients. Others work to help you enhance the improved lifestyle we hope begins with your plastic surgery at our Beverly Hills Center.

While it is difficult to make any surgery completely pain free, we have succeeded in making our procedures very low pain. This allows patients to be comfortable from the moment the procedure is completed and our nurses take care of them in the recovery room, to when they continue their recuperation at home. Our goal is to make post-procedure pain something akin to the soreness that accompanies a very strenuous workout at the gym.

Below are descriptions of the patient programs we have developed with your needs and desires in mind. Most of our programs were developed after listening to the suggestions of our patients. So if you have any ideas of what we can do to help fulfill your needs, please let us know. Please click on the link at the start of each description to read more about each of these programs.

Minimal Pain Program: Many of our patients are concerned about discomfort following plastic surgery. This program works to minimize any discomfort, so you feel like yourself shortly after your procedure.

Back to the Gym Program: Some people really like working out, and don’t want to take too much time out from their exercise routine – even when they have plastic surgery. This program helps you get back to exercising as quickly as possible, while still guarding your safety and ensuring optimal results from surgery.

Patient Safety Program: Your safety is our number one priority during and after plastic surgery. This program formalizes the steps we take to maximize safety in every procedure we do.

Traveling for Plastic Surgery: Many of our patients come from out of town and often from out of the country. This program works to make visiting us for plastic surgery smooth and relaxing.

Scar Reduction Program: Nobody likes scars. This program includes pre-emptive steps to make your scars appear as minimal as possible.

Art Shows on Rodeo Drive: We hope that plastic surgery will be your first step to enhancing your overall lifestyle. Our art shows bring together our patients, local stylemakers, and other interesting members of the community to experience fine art at our offices.

Plastic Surgery for Hispanics: Many of our patients are Hispanic and this program works to meet their unique needs to assure the best possible results from plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery for Men: Men need their own specialized approach to plastic surgery. Our approach to men ensures that their distinctive needs are met during every step of the process, including the final results of surgery.

Patient Privacy Program: Developed based on work doing celebrity plastic surgery, this program includes a hidden back entrance and staff training and policies to safeguard your confidentiality.

Ethnic Plastic Surgery: We have many patients of diverse ethnic backgrounds. Modern plastic surgery is not about erasing ethnic features and our approach works to enhance appearance without minimizing identity.

We hope that our patient programs will make your plastic surgery experience an extremely pleasant and rewarding one. If you have any questions about these programs or our approach to cosmetic surgery contact us.