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Skin Care


Here in Southern California our skin is placed at risk every day, by the bright sun and by toxins in our environment. Skin is surprisingly complex, and its fine network of tissues is disrupted by the UV light of the sun, smoking, age, and the air around us. At Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, we believe that skin care should be a part of virtually all of our lives. This may take the form of effective sunscreens, specialized soap for washing, moisturizers, and stronger medicines called retinoids that can work to repair skin and prevent further damage. A good skin care program can accomplish as much to improve appearance as an invasive surgery. During your consultation at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, your plastic surgeon will work with you to develop a skin care program that best meets your needs. We also offer medical aesthetician services. Click here to learn more.

Skin Resurfacing

Many years ago an interesting discovery was made by burn doctors. Patients who suffered brief flash burns to the face during accidents often saw the outer layer of skin peel off; a few weeks later, these patients were left with younger appearing skin, with fewer wrinkles, blemishes and more even tone. They looked young and refreshed. We now have more sophisticated ways of accomplishing skin resurfacing. But the effect is the same: the outer, damaged layer of skin is removed and the inner skin is brought to the surface which has fewer lines, blemishes, smaller pores, and more even coloration. We each have very different skin in terms of thickness, coloration and sun damage. At Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, we tailor our skin resurfacing techniques to the individual patient. For some patients the best results come from complex machines such as lasers of various varieties and dermabrasion, while other patients see the most improvement from chemical peels using different chemicals such as TCA and glycolic acid. Click here to learn more.

Collagen and Other Fillers

As we age we may develop wrinkles that are too deep to be treated with Botox® Cosmetic and too small to warrant a facelift. In such situations, collagen and other fillers often create superb results. Some people desire fuller lips, and fillers can accomplish this nicely. Collagen is a skin protein that is available for injection. A person’s own fat can sometimes be harvested and used as a filler. New types of fillers are entering the market all the time and some of these provide very good cosmetic benefits. Some of the new products are untested, however, and may have side effects. At Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery we treat each patient individually and pick products that will provide the most improvement with the fewest risks. Click here to learn more.