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At Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, we want you to have a variety of options in your skin fillers or injectables. That’s why we are pleased to offer a longer-lasting alternative to those looking for facial rejuvenation and wrinkle removal in Los Angeles.

Radiesse® is a safe, next generation cosmetic dermal filler that is setting a new standard for the correction of facial lines and wrinkles. It is especially useful for the nasolabial folds. That’s because clinical studies prove that Radiesse lasts longer than the former leading filler to deliver a soft and natural look that lasts. This product used to go by the name of Radiance. In head-to-head studies comparing Radiesse to other fillers, including Restylane® and CosmoPlast®, results have shown that Radiesse is longer lasting.

Radiesse cosmetic dermal filler can address many facial aesthetic and corrective needs. Because the results are natural looking and longer lasting, many patients turn to Radiesse to achieve a correction that revives, rejuvenates, and freshens their appearance. If your goals are to correct facial lines and wrinkles or to refresh your facial appearance, Radiesse provides a safe, cost-effective, and convenient treatment option. It can often be used with other skin fillers or with Botox to create impressive nonsurgical facial rejuvenation.


Radiesse is a safe, next generation cosmetic dermal filler (skin filler) that lasts longer than many other fillers. Medical studies have shown that Radiesse is a safe, longer lasting treatment to fill and correct smile lines, nasolabial folds and wrinkles around the nose and mouth. It provides safe and long-lasting wrinkle removal.


  • FDA APPROVED to safely correct wrinkles and folds around the nose and mouth, including Nasolabial Folds
  • LASTS LONGER than the former leading cosmetic filler
  • Stimulates your skin to produce NEW COLLAGEN
  • IMMEDIATE correction in a treatment that can be performed over your lunch hour!
  • FEWER INJECTIONS and office visits
  • BIOCOMPATIBILITY means no allergy testing prior to treatment
  • The NEXT GENERATION cosmetic dermal filler made of ADVANCED calcium based microsphere technologyLong lasting, NOT PERMANENT, with none of the risks associated with permanent implants


The results of a Radiesse treatment are immediate. Radiesse dermal filler typically lasts a year or more, longer than most other skin fillers, saving you time and money. Since results may vary, be sure to discuss your expectations with your physician at Rodeo Drive plastic surgery.

Radiesse is made of unique calcium-based microspheres that are suspended in a natural gel that is injected into the skin through a simple, safe and minimally invasive procedure.

This filler has a track record. Hundreds of thousands of patients have experienced Radiesse and more than 4,000 physicians worldwide have been trained to provide Radiesse treatments, including the physicians at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery. Through years of clinical studies and independent research, Radiesse has proven to be safe and effective. With Radiesse, you get safe, FDA Approved, clinically tested reliability.

Clinical studies prove that Radiesse® lasts longer than the former leading filler. In a head-to-head split-face study between Radiesse and Restylane®, Radiesse delivered longer lasting improvement over Restylane. The study was conducted through blind evaluations (conducted by live evaluators) comparing the patient’s Nasolabial Fold injected with Radiesse against the fold injected with Restylane. At each time point, Radiesse proved superior with longer lasting improvement overall. As illustrated below, even at 9 months, a higher percentage of patients showed improvement in the Radiesse injected Nasolabial Fold (79%) compared to the patients with continued improvement in the Restylane (44% patients) injected fold.

Radiesse® works with your body, below the skin’s surface, to stimulate the production of collagen and encourage tissue regeneration. It does more than just temporarily fill-in facial lines and wrinkles ? it rebuilds your skin’s foundation. You get immediate results and look younger, longer.


Radiesse is made of very small, smooth calcium hydroxylapitite (CaHA) microspheres, which are suspended in a water-based gel carrier. As Radiesse is injected, the gel and Radiesse Microspheres form a “scaffold”, stimulating collagen production and encouraging tissue growth in and around the injection area. This “partnership” between Radiesse and your own body creates a natural look, comprised of your own tissue and Radiesse Microspheres.

Over time, your body absorbs the gel carrier while collagen has started to grow and infiltrate the area, replacing the gel with your own, natural tissue. The Radiesse Microspheres continue to provide the support and structure for your body to grow new tissue and collagen until the Microspheres are also safely and naturally absorbed into your body.


Over 200,000 patients have experienced Radiesse as a nonsurgical facial rejuvenation. Years of rigorous industry and independent research worldwide, has proven that Radiesse is safe and effective, with virtually no risk of allergic reaction. Radiesse is biocompatible and is naturally absorbed by your body over time, working with your body to rebuild the fresh, natural look you desire – providing effective noninvasive facial enhancement.

Content courtesy of Bioform Medical, Inc.

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