Preparing for Your Tummy Tuck

The most important preparation for your tummy tuck is to be as physically and emotionally healthy as possible. This means taking steps to assure that you are vigorous and stress free – both before and after your procedure. We will give you specific written directions on how to prepare for your procedure, so you will be very clear on the steps you should take.

Safety Comes First

Your surgeon will examine you prior to your procedure. Depending on your age and health status, we may send you for some lab work and possibly to see your regular general physician to evaluate you prior to surgery. Safety is our number one concern with your tummy tuck, and good communication helps to assure it. Be sure to speak candidly with us about your medical history and any concerns you may have.

Make Plans and Avoid Problems

Prior to your tummy tuck, you should make some plans for your recovery. Making well thought-out but flexible plans for your recovery works to make the process smoothest. It is best to arrange for ten to fourteen days off from work. We suggest that people put aside some books and magazines to read and DVDs to watch, so their first few days at home will be relaxing with entertainment easily at hand.

Tummy tuck preperationIf you smoke, plan to quit at least one to two weeks before your Los Angeles tummy tuck and not to resume for at least two weeks after your surgery. Avoid overexposure to the sun before surgery, especially to your abdomen. This also is not the time to go on a strict diet, as good nutrition prior to surgery helps you to heal better. We will be removing a large amount of fat during your tummy tuck, so an extra week of dieting is of marginal benefit anyway in this case. If you develop a cold or infection of any kind prior to your surgery please let us know, so we can decide if this will affect your procedure.

We Will Give You Instructions About Medicines

You should not take aspirin, or aspirin-like medicines, for two weeks before your tummy tuck. We will give you a detailed list of medicines to avoid before surgery. You usually can take all of your prescription medicines before surgery, but we will review your specific medicines with you in detail and let you know if there are any concerns. We will give you prescriptions for pain pills and perhaps other medicines which you can have filled prior to your surgery.

Get Ready to Buy New Clothes

Whether your surgery is done on an outpatient or inpatient basis, you should arrange for someone to drive you home after your surgery or time in a recovery center, and to help you out for a day or two after you get home, if needed. And don’t forget to start looking for the new clothes you will soon need to fit on your slimmer torso!

Content courtesy of American Society of Plastic Surgeons

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