What’s New At Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery

The Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Gift Card
We’ve made it fun and easy to give a plastic surgery gift.

First Year of Your Diet in a DayTM
Dramatic body change is created for select candidates with this innovative approach to liposuction.

Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Introduces Cutting-Edge Dermatology and Nonsurgical Facial Rejuvenation.
Learn more about our new dermatology enhancements.

Breast Augmentation Information Center
We are pleased to provide a comprehensive source for information on all aspects of breast augmentation. Click here to visit our Breast Augmentation Information Center.

Rodeo Drive Institute for Breathing Surgery
Read about our advanced treatments for breathing disorders, including diaphragmatic pacing and treatments for sleep apnea and nasal obstruction.

At-Home Laser Hair Removal
We are pleased to be one of the few nationwide distributors of this revolutionary device for laser hair removal.

Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Art Shows
We are pleased to feature emerging local artists in our periodic art shows. Click here to learn more.

Minimal Pain Plastic Surgery: Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Rapid Recovery
Read about our approach to making your plastic surgery experience comfortable.

Traveling for Plastic Surgery: The Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Transformation Vacation&#153
For our out-of-town patients, we’ve developed a specialized program that works to make traveling for plastic surgery as simple and safe as possible.

Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Back to the Gym Program
Learn more about our unique approach to helping patients return to working out after their plastic surgery.

The “Silent Scar” Technique for Breast Augmentation
See results. By putting the incision under the breast, our breast augmentation patients have found that their scar is nicely hidden from view.

The Rodeo Drive Belly Button
Read how we work to make our tummy tucks look natural – by creating a beautiful belly button.

Rodeo Drive Chin Rejuvenation
Read how this minimally invasive procedure can provide dramatic improvement in the appearance of your chin and neck.

The Causes and Surgical Treatment of Abdominal Hernia
Read about warning signs, who’s at risk, the differnt types of abdominal hernia, and how they are treated.

The Rodeo Drive Mommy Makeover
Read about our approach to restoring mom’s tummy and breasts back the way they looked before pregnancy.

Arm Lift
Learn more about who can benefit from this procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the arms.

Thigh Lift
This procedure helps people who have excess skin as well as fat in the thighs. Click here to read more.

Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss
When people lose a great deal of weight, they often have loose or hanging skin. Read about plastic surgery options for body contouring in these situations.

Plastic Surgery for Hispanics
Read about the specialized services we offer Hispanic patients seeking plastic surgery in Los Angeles.

Latex Allergy Safety
We are pleased to offer specialized care for people who have latex allergy. Click here to learn more.